248: Meet Joe Black


This week’s episode is brought to you by Jif peanut butter! Choosey reapers choose Jif! What happens when death decides to take a holiday? A Bradley Pittsburgh (Brad Pitt) gets pinballed by cars so he can use his body as a vessel. Then he follows around Tony Hops (Anthony Hopkins) to learn about life. Anyway, this week we asked if Meet Joe Black holds up! So listen up, boppers, and everything gonna be irie.

240: The Mighty Ducks


Sometimes in life, we make mistakes. We make bets based on movies, show off in court, or drive incredibly drunk after your boss doesn’t say “good job.” For Gordon Bombay, that last mistake was big one, and led to him having to coach a bunch of misfit kids playing hockey. And we get to find out if it all still holds up! That’s right, boppers, this week we watched The Mighty Ducks!

238: District 9


This week, we take a look at what life would be like if aliens showed up and never left. A world in which we treated them as poorly as we’ve treated each other in the past. A world in which a sweetie man swears that he never had pornographic activity with a fookin’ creature! This week’s episode, boppers, is all about District 9! So, listen up, and put this episode straight into your ears!

237: The Brady Bunch Movie


Plain Zero is flashing back to the ‘70s by way of the ‘90s this week as we revisit a tale as old as time! A man with 3 sons marries a woman with 3 daughters and some how they all form a bunch. That’s right boppers, this week we’re going to find out if The Brady Bunch Movie holds up! So go ahead and feed this week’s episode right up into your ear holes now! 

236: The Phantom


Things get a little pulpy this week, because we’re getting a visit from the ghost that walks. A ghost that wears purple and a domino mask and slams evil. In this episode, we listened to our friend Billy Zane (he’s a pretty cool dude), and watched his foray into the pulp superhero genre: The Phantom. Will it hold up? You know how to find out, boppers! So, listen up and feed us into your ears!

233: The Faculty


You like The Breakfast Club? You like alien invasions? If the answer to both is yes, then this week’s movie is right up your alley! This week, we head back to school to weave in and out of social politics while trying to not be taken over by aliens as we watched a movie written by Kevin Williamson (Scream) and directed by Robert Rodriguez (Desperado) . This week, we’re finding out if The Faculty holds up!

229: It's A Wonderful Life (Redux)


This week, we attempt to ring in the New Year and seek redemption for our New Year curse all at once. For the first time ever, we’re revisiting a movie that we’ve already covered: It’s A Wonderful Life! But this time, you’ll actually get to hear this episode. Unfortunately, that means you’ll be able to hear this episode. Quick warning, it gets loud at one point.