170: An American Werewolf In London


The Halloween is close at hand, which means our spook-tacular month is coming to a close. And we decided to end it all with a bang, because this week, we watched a movie featuring what is considered the definitive werewolf transformations. The Dr. Pepper guy and Johnny Dangerously's brother get well acquainted with some of England's more exotic wild life in An American Werewolf In London!

165: The Room

the room pz.jpg

This episode asks a very difficult question. How can you ask if what is considered one of the worst movies ever made holds up? That was just the mission we set out on this week, when we were tasked with watching The Room. Our friend Lisa was tearing us apart when she asked us to watch this. So get on your best tuxedos to throw around the football, boppers, because we got a doozy of an episode in store for you!

162: Spider-man 3

spiderman 3 PZ.jpg

This week we're joined once again by friend of the show, James from 12 For A Penny & The Obscure Gentlemen, as he has picked for us to watch one of his all time favorite movies ever: Spider-man 3. He loved it so much when it first came out, but hadn't revisited it in a very long time and decided that he would like to give it the old PZ treatment to find out if the movie he considers to be a modern classic holds up!

161: Captain America: The First Avenger


Sometimes, an occasion calls for a slight breaking of the rules. And the what would be a comic book legend's 100th birthday is one of those occasions. We're approaching Jack Kirby's 100th birthday, and we decided to honor the man by watching the movie based on one of his most iconic creations: Captain America: The First Avenger! So sit back and strap in boppers, because we're going back to the 1940s to see if this Nazi punching adventure holds up!

Bonus From The Vault: Rocky IV & Conan: The Barbarian


Alright, boppers, scheduling and unexpected occurrences got in the way this week, but we're not gonna leave you high and dry. Instead, we're going back to revisit some of our older reviews. First up, we have Rocky IV on deck, hailing all the way from episode 9, a review that left us torn straight down the middle. Then, stick around for Conan: The Barbarian, yet another review that left us polarized. Where do you stand on these? Do these reviews asking if those movies hold up hold up? Let us know and join us again next week as we'll be taking a look at Little Shop of Horrors!