262: Waiting...


This week, we’re joined by friend of the show Ben who’s last appearance was cursed and was never able to see the light of day. Plain Zero only has one lost episode, and Ben wanted a shot at coming back as a guest and we were happy to oblige him. He’s taking us back to the early to mid 2000s as he chose for us to watch “Waiting…” Will it hold up or will it fall flat? Only one way to find out, boppers!

261: The Lost Boys


We have returned from our week long break, and we brought along a special guest! This week, we’re joined by comedian and host of the Roadstories Podcast: Murray Valeriano! We let Murray pick the movie this time around, and his choice was Joel Schumacher’s 1987 classic, The Lost Boys. So, listen up boppers as we discuss mullets, Chinese food, and Dianne Wiest as we find out if the first meeting of the two Coreys holds up!

259: The Fast and The Furious


This week, Plain Zero is all about F A M I L Y as we see what happens when someone working for the FBI infiltrates a group of extreme sports types to figure out who’s behind a string of robberies. No, we didn’t watch Point Break. But we did watch The Fast And The Furious. So listen up, boppers, as we try to decide if the movie that launched a franchise based on going even more insane than the movie before holds up!

Bonus: Spoiler-man: Far From Home

Spoiler Alert! Due to half of the team being too busy with San Diego Comic-Con this week, there will not be a regular episode this week. Instead, we’ll be discussing Spider-man: Far From Home in great detail. So much so, that we have to stress that this is a spoiler heavy episode. If you have not seen the webslinger’s newest adventure, do not listen to this episode. If you have seen it, then relive it with us as we talk about.

249: Godzilla (1998)


Something big is coming, but not quite as big as it should be. But, still, it’s big and it’s green and it just wants to lay some eggs. We’re talking about Godzilla! Except, we’re not talking about that Godzilla. Not the one that skreeonks and breaths fire. We’re talking about the one that was defeated by Farris Bueller. This week, we’re asking if the 1998 remake of Godzilla holds up!

248: Meet Joe Black


This week’s episode is brought to you by Jif peanut butter! Choosey reapers choose Jif! What happens when death decides to take a holiday? A Bradley Pittsburgh (Brad Pitt) gets pinballed by cars so he can use his body as a vessel. Then he follows around Tony Hops (Anthony Hopkins) to learn about life. Anyway, this week we asked if Meet Joe Black holds up! So listen up, boppers, and everything gonna be irie.