Bonus From The Vault: Rocky IV & Conan: The Barbarian


Alright, boppers, scheduling and unexpected occurrences got in the way this week, but we're not gonna leave you high and dry. Instead, we're going back to revisit some of our older reviews. First up, we have Rocky IV on deck, hailing all the way from episode 9, a review that left us torn straight down the middle. Then, stick around for Conan: The Barbarian, yet another review that left us polarized. Where do you stand on these? Do these reviews asking if those movies hold up hold up? Let us know and join us again next week as we'll be taking a look at Little Shop of Horrors!

156: Pootie Tang

Jim and Joe of 12 For A Penny continue their visit to our neck of the woods and this time it's Joe's turn to pick the movie that we watched this week, and boy did he pick a doozy: Pootie Tang! A movie that was mired in post production troubles, and was a massive failure somehow managed to go on to being a bit of a cult classic. But the question is, will this movie somehow manage to hold up today? Listen up, boppers, then sine yo pitty on the runny kine!

150: Predator

Well, we've hit another milestone this week, fam! This is our one hundred and fiftieth episode! And like we try to do with all our milestones, we spent the week with the mighty, powerful, and benevolent force that is responsible for us being here: Arnold Schwarzenegger! Not only that, but we picked a doozer of a film from his film library: Predator! So, join us as we celebrate getting halfway between 100 and 200, as we ask if Predator holds up!