219: Casper


Our spooky October spectacular continues! And what’s the truly spookiest thing? Ghosts! This week’s episode is about a truly spooky offender. A ghost that spends his time in a Victorian manner, and lords over three other ghosts. He claims to just want friends, but really, he wants people to stay and never leave. This week, we’re asking if Casper holds up! And once again, you’ll wanna listen through to the very end!

217: The Evil Dead


It’s October once again, and you know what that means? It’s a month of spooky movies! And we’re kicking this one off by going back to one of the first cabin in the woods movies: The Evil Dead. The movie that launched the career of Spider-man’s director as well as the career of one of the greatest chins and the person it belongs to, Bruce Campbell! So strap in boppers, and make sure all your lights are on, because things could get scary!

216: The Whole Nine Yards


This week, we’re finishing up our listener requests by going The Whole Nine Yards! So join us as we talk about Matthew Perry, Bruce Willis, and whether or not they’re using their full power in this movie about a dentist whose life is turned upside down when a former mob hitman moves next door to him. Listen up, boppers, as we answer such burning questions like: does this hold up and where is Shred?

213: 8mm


A Plain Zero first is upon us this week: our first Nicolas Cage movie! So, what will it be? There's so many to pick from! Well, you likely already know since it's in the title. This week, friend Yama of 12 For a Penny picked the movie for us to watch, because he donated to our recent fundraiser. He wanted us to find out if 8mm holds up, so we set out to make that decision this week! And you can hear it all right here, boppers!

211: Twilight


We have another listener request this week as friend of the show, James, has donated to the CHOC Walk Fundraiser and picked for us to watch one of his all time favorite movies: Twilight. He’s loved this movie for years and desperately wanted to know if it gets a pass from us. So strap in and listen up, boppers! Because it’s time to find out if this tale of sparkly draculas holds up!

208: Nacho Libre


This week we find ourselves basking in the pageantry of wrestling. At the heart of this movie is a man at odds with himself and his own duality. On the one hand, he loves wrestling but he also loves his religion. Sadly, his religion is against wrestling. This was a truly deep and reflective journey of self-discovery. So, listen up, boppers, and find out if Jack Black and Nacho Libre holds up!

207: Back To School


We're down a man this week, but that won't stop us from bringing you the same level of unprofessionalism as usual! Speaking of which, maybe it's time we did something about that, and the only way we can think to do that would be to go Back To School. That's right boppers, we're watching Rodney Dangerfield get some respect and talking about a young Robert Downey, Jr. So join us as we find out if it holds up!

205: Ichi The Killer


This week’s episode is brought to you by listener, Tim, who donated to our CHOC (children’s hospital of Orange County) Walk fundraiser. He really wanted us to watch Ichi The Killer so that he could hear our thoughts on the movie. So, here’s our thoughts on the movie. If you wanna pick a movie for us to watch, donate and let us know! Now, listen up, boppers, because here’s Ichi The Killer.

202: Trading Places


This week we're going back to the 80s and the chaotic land of Wall Street, but we didn't watch that movie. We watched that other movie about the stock market, the one that spring boarded Eddie Murphy into stardom as he was Trading Places with Dan Aykroyd. Yes, that's right, boppers, we watched Trading Places! Will this retelling of the Prince and the Pauper hold up? There's only one way to find out!