213: 8mm


A Plain Zero first is upon us this week: our first Nicolas Cage movie! So, what will it be? There's so many to pick from! Well, you likely already know since it's in the title. This week, friend Yama of 12 For a Penny picked the movie for us to watch, because he donated to our recent fundraiser. He wanted us to find out if 8mm holds up, so we set out to make that decision this week! And you can hear it all right here, boppers!

211: Twilight


We have another listener request this week as friend of the show, James, has donated to the CHOC Walk Fundraiser and picked for us to watch one of his all time favorite movies: Twilight. He’s loved this movie for years and desperately wanted to know if it gets a pass from us. So strap in and listen up, boppers! Because it’s time to find out if this tale of sparkly draculas holds up!

208: Nacho Libre


This week we find ourselves basking in the pageantry of wrestling. At the heart of this movie is a man at odds with himself and his own duality. On the one hand, he loves wrestling but he also loves his religion. Sadly, his religion is against wrestling. This was a truly deep and reflective journey of self-discovery. So, listen up, boppers, and find out if Jack Black and Nacho Libre holds up!

207: Back To School


We're down a man this week, but that won't stop us from bringing you the same level of unprofessionalism as usual! Speaking of which, maybe it's time we did something about that, and the only way we can think to do that would be to go Back To School. That's right boppers, we're watching Rodney Dangerfield get some respect and talking about a young Robert Downey, Jr. So join us as we find out if it holds up!

205: Ichi The Killer


This week’s episode is brought to you by listener, Tim, who donated to our CHOC (children’s hospital of Orange County) Walk fundraiser. He really wanted us to watch Ichi The Killer so that he could hear our thoughts on the movie. So, here’s our thoughts on the movie. If you wanna pick a movie for us to watch, donate and let us know! Now, listen up, boppers, because here’s Ichi The Killer.

202: Trading Places


This week we're going back to the 80s and the chaotic land of Wall Street, but we didn't watch that movie. We watched that other movie about the stock market, the one that spring boarded Eddie Murphy into stardom as he was Trading Places with Dan Aykroyd. Yes, that's right, boppers, we watched Trading Places! Will this retelling of the Prince and the Pauper hold up? There's only one way to find out!

199: Heavy Metal (w/12 For A Penny & The Obscure Gentlemen)


Here it is, boppers! All month we've been working to figure out what our favorite movie is based on our May Madness brackets and a winner is decided today. But we're not the only ones here, because we're joined by The Obscure Gentlemen and 12 For A Penny as they both decide the winners of their own brackets, as well. Then we discuss the animated movie, Heavy Metal and its soundtrack.

197: Men In Black


After all the crazy shenanigans from last week that we'll never be able to top again, we come back ready for battle once more as we continue our May Movie Madness brackets to decide the outcomes of round 3. We're joined this week by Michael, writer of episodes of Ben 10 and recurring guest on The Obscure Gentlemen Podcast as we spend some time discussing the exploits of Agents K & J as we ask if Men In Black holds up!

A Special Announcement


Due to unforeseen circumstances, this week's scheduled program is lost to the ages. Our sincerest apologies to our guest for that episode, Ben, and our apologies to you, the listener, for not getting to hear what I'm going to call our best episode ever. But feel free to listen to the special announcement above to hear updates on our May Movie Madness brackets and click the link to place your votes. We'll be back next week!